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The hummingbird´s nest, is a new space created for your stay in Tulum, a vibrant, upcoming beach town in the Mexican Caribbean.
Hotel Huitzical was created and build to combine modern architecture with traditional local elements in a natural environment. You will be braced by a lot of green landscape, here. The view over the surrounding flora and fauna is pretty nice: different species of palm trees and other tropical woods are the habitat of toucans, woodpeckers, parrots, chachalacas, blue jays, pygmy owls, orioles, mockingbirds, many others…and sometimes you can even see the “crown jewel”, a motmot!
Ever since we´ve opened in 2015, running the place has been a delight for us and we have become quite font of getting to know people from all corners of the world. We consider it a luxury to have all these interesting folks coming to our house! We like the fact that our breakfast table has seen the beginning of one or the other international friendship.
Eager to show off the irresistible beauty of the Mexican Caribbean and its back country´s many hidden gems, we like to help you organize your trip and create custom tour plans for our guests, according to their wishes and needs. Our knowledge of Tulum and its surroundings is quite steep, since we have been “locals” for many years. We will connect you with experienced and responsible local guides. The owner Steffi is a certified tour guide and two of our staff have been working as diving instructors all over the area.
What makes us special:
Our 30m² rooms are above-average sized and feature a seating area with original Acapulco chairs and our spectacularly comfortable beds.
We don´t just have “any” beds. Ours are hardwood king-size luxury-mattress comfort-bedding three-different-types-of-pillows down-comforter beds.
The bathrooms don´t just have “any” floor but colonial-style mosaico tiles and a sink that was carved out of a solid piece of Yucatan rock.
We love to work here and will do our best to accommodate you. We know your vacation time is precious and it means a lot to us to make sure you´ll enjoy it as much as possible.